At PLACED we sensibly take into account the different elements that must be considered together in order to form a lighting design that provides the proper quantity and quality of light, and is appropriate in terms of cost, energy, maintenance, style, availability and a dozen other considerations. It begins with the formation of a design concept from a myriad of design considerations. Then, during design development it is subject to revisions and adaptations, keeping pace with the architectural design, up to the phase of construction. Furthermore, our business experience guarantees we convey the most ideal lighting configuration on schedule and on budget. We also specialise in developing bespoke products to suit individual customer requirements. We aim to establish the broad principles of collaborative practice as early as possible in a project, even if some specific details are left unresolved until later stages.

Brief development
We work very closely with our clients to develop the overall project objectives and desired benefits.
Recording information about design directions, function, purpose, scope, size, and economics. To us, it is a pivotal part of the creative lighting design pro-cess.

Once the requirements are identified, we present our suggestions, with a detailed analysis of the philosophy and the central concept of the lighting. We communicate our ideas to our clients through sketches, models, images and words.

Design development
Design development turns conceptual ideas into lighting layouts, design details, luminaire specification sheets and lighting control schedules. Our selection criteria for lighting equipment are based on providing the best performance and aesthetic within budgets and timescales. We also organize mock ups and on-site equipment testing.

Immediate support throughout the implementation of the project, including on site visits, providing quick answers to emerging problems and installation issues. We also participate in the programming and focusing of the lighting equipment.

At PLACED we believe in cooperation and teamwork. Lighting design in respect to the architectural criteria in close collaboration with architects, designers and clients.