All our creations are made one by one in our workshop. Starting from a simple design enhanced with style, each piece is unique and special for its handcrafted nature and the personal touch given by the hands of the craftsman.

A tribute to local craftsmanship
The origins of pottery as we know it today go back as far as medieval times. It is a very old tradition that has been successfully transmitted through history, from one generation to another. Some archives on pottery date from as far as the XVIII century. Traces of ceramics have even been found in the prehistoric era, over 2 600 years ago. This fact actually originates from the village of Las Cabezuelas, an Iberian settlement who lived from agriculture, ranching and from the craftwork activities of blacksmiths, millers, knitters and ceramists. Most of them were located in the area called Las Ollerías, over which can now be found the town of Las Cabezuelas.

Nature as a source of inspiration
Our immediate environment strongly influences our work: colors and textures of a typical day of the Mediterranean countryside, between the sun and the dryland, between natural beaches and forests of pine trees.