CHORS is a lighting manufacturer from Poland. But saying that, it is like saying nothing at all. Why? Because light fascinates CHORS. They believe that the lighting affects us and our surroundings. It affects our mood and it is an important element of the interior design. That is why their goal is to create lamps that emit light similar to sunlight and hence provide healthy and comfortable lighting. To that end, they ensure the quality of materials, the precision of the construction, as well as the functionality and the design of their products.

CHORS cooperates with the best designers, because they value the aesthetics. As a result their luminaires are visually attractive and unique. Moreover, they always try to include as many functions as possible in every project of the lamp, e.g. provide the choice regarding the color of the light and the dimming technology, in order to achieve focused or general dynamic light at the same time. Besides that, together with the designers, they constantly seek new solutions and work on the next luminaires, which will emphasise the character of the interior and maintain high quality of the light even better.

CHORS creates lighting, which maintains high illumination parameters during the entire lifetime. Their lamps are highly durable. And moreover they are safe for the users and they are as environmentally friendly as possible. They care about the selection of the materials for the production of fixtures at every stage of the project. They use raw materials, paints and components without any hazardous substances, which negatively affect our health and environment.
Their products are available in three basic colors of light: warm white, white and cool. They create them using the technology of color rendering CRI≥95, but primarily they use the Sunlike technology. It is the latest type of LED, which allows to preserve the full spectrum of sunlight. They also apply three basic dimming types: TRIAC, DALI 2 and Push in their projects.